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In the second installment of the enthralling Maze Games series by Jeffrey Clemmons, the Dungeon of Chaos takes us into a world that was once our own, but is now that of nothingness.Daniel McGaw thought that he had won the the game of escaping the Maze when he woke up in a lab facility, only to be captured moments later by a group of teenagers pointing guns at he and his friends, claiming to belong to their leader, Maximum. Not only this, but Daniel cannot contact Pan, or any of the Gods for that matter. To make things worse, his fire isnt sparking. This is only the beginning of his problems when he learns that Chaos lives on in both spirit and in her host, Hestia. When Daniel learns that the only way to even try and defeat Chaos is to destroy her tomb in the Dungeon of Chaos, he sets off on a dangerous quest to save both the world, but also the newly kidnapped Cynthia. Maximum, the son of Thanatos, has his own motives when Daniel McGaw arrives with demands to enter the Dungeon of Chaos under his city. He plans to go further than even the Dungeon--right into the pits of the Underworld, and into Tatarus to rescue his long imprisoned Mother, who his father cast down into the very dungeons of the Underworld, and his plan is to walk right in. Dharia, nothing more than a city dweller trying to make it by, finds herself thrown into the Godly war when she is visited in her dreams by Persephone, telling her that she must lead the army of Greeks and Romans to do battle with Chaos as Olympus crumbles, and the world burns from the outside in. But Dharia wants nothing to do with the war after being visited by the prophetess Sybil. Still, the rebel heart within her rages with a fury, and she knows what she has to do. Rejoin old characters, love and hate new ones, and prepare to do battle with the dark forces of evil in the sequel to the Maze Games, the Dungeon of Chaos. The doors open in autumn 2014; will you dare to enter?
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