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Orphan Pirates of the Spanish Main by Dennis Danvers1.5 starsThis Tor Short is super weird. I like weird and most of the time bask in the strange, but this weird plot line has no concrete path. This story follows two brothers who are very old in age; what should be the weirdest thing is that their parents were aliens, but these two plan on going to the abyss- the place their parents died. The premise is promising because alien parents sound awesome, but the writing is choppy and doesnt leave me wanting more. In fact, I wanted this super short read to be quickly over because it was doing nothing for me. This sadly isnt a Tor Short Im quick to recommend.Whimsical Writing Scale: 1.5Plotastic Scale: 1.25Cover Thoughts: I love the design of the cover, but its the only thing this short has to offer.
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