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Book description
BORN AGAIN Discover you Karma and Destiny If you believe in reincarnation, and that life has meaning, you have to ask: What am I meant to do in this lifetime? Every other question you could ask pales next to this one. What is your lifes purpose? What lessons are you to learn? What are you to give? How can you make sense of past life traumas and triumphs and apply them to this lifetime? This unique book with the included CD-ROM will teach you the strengths you bring to your current lifetime and the special vulnerabilities you face. Where is you passion? You will find guidance that will save you from the rough knocks of past karma and give you direction for the spiritual growth that life is all about. Your life is Gods gift. Dont waste it. This lifetime is a foundation for the next. Build wisely. Your lifetimes are intertwined with those around you. Honor them. Fulfill your destiny through this special knowledge.
Mapping Your Souls Purpose: Discover Your Karma & Destiny [With CDROM] by Anne Windsor audio txt doc flibusta free

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