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Book description
Lacy is your typical “nice girl,” a mousy, bookish receptionist who’s gradually coming to the painful realization that in business, nice girls finish last. But when Janelle, Lacy’s icy, intimidating boss, finally takes notice of her and offers her a cushy job as her personal assistant, things finally seem like they might be turning around...But Lacy has no idea of what Janelle actually has planned for her: a world of kinky sex, shocking secrets, and intense submission, a world that will force Lacy to finally acknowledge her own dark, unrealized desires. As she helplessly sinks deeper and deeper into the twisted sexual politics of the office, Lacy must decide who she truly wants to be: a nice girl... or a slave.[AUTHORS NOTE: This is an adult story focused on themes of bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism. Subject matter includes explicit sexual activity between multiple partners, and increasingly intense BDSM scenes (spanking, degradation, dubious consent, anal play, electro-torture, etc.). If you find such material to be offensive, or if you live in an area where owning or reading such material is prohibited, then you should find another title.]
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