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Fujiko F. Fujio (藤子・F・不二雄 in Japanese) was a penname of Japanese significant cartoonist Hiroshi Fujimoto. After leaving his native home for Tokyo, he started his drawing career collaborating with his partner and long-time friend, Abiko Motoo who later held the penname Fujiko Fujio A. Their co-penname was Fujiko Fujio, which became well-known in Japan and in many countries. Fujimoto and his companion became briefly students of the greatest Japanese cartoonist Osamu Tetsuka.Fujiomoto saparated from his buddy in 1987 due to a cancer, and took the penname Fujiko F. Fujio. He still released his many volumes of classic manga which inspired numerous children and becoming adults all around the world.He died from the effect of liver failure.
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