Iron Man Does Yoga

Because being a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist is stressful.

When Iron Man isn't saving the planet, he decompresses with yoga. The poses are in the order in which one would perform them. This poster is brought to you by Andy, Karen, Sarah, action figures, and cocktails.

Mountain Pose Tāḍāsana

Mountain pose is the base from which Iron Man comes into many other poses, such as balances and sun salutations. It is a grounding and calming pose.

Iron Man stands with his feet parallel and hip-distance apart with shoulders are relaxed. By turning his palms forward, Iron Man allows his chest to open without jutting his ribcage out. Iron Man concentrates on his breath and heartbeat, using tāḍāsana to set an intention for his practice. Come at me, nirvana.

. . .

Warrior II Virabhadrasana II

A pose of strength and steadiness. Keep the shoulders relaxed. Iron Man can work towards centering his torso over his legs and grounding the outside edge of his back foot which will help engage the large muscles of the leg and distribute his weight more evenly.

Also handy for aiming his Mark 6 arm-mounted missiles.

. . .

Half Moon Pose Ardha Chandrasana

Iron Man is practicing the full expression of Half Moon Pose bringing the benefits of balance and strength. Balance poses not only help the physical body to balance, but can relax an agitated mind, especially when Pepper Potts presses his buttons. Iron Man is keeping his focus on a stable point and breathing deeply to help maintain this challenging balance pose. If he wished, Iron Man could turn his head to look up at his top hand, but this is contraindicated if there are any head or neck injuries.

. . .

Extended Hand to Foot Pose Utthita Hasta Padangustasana

Balance poses help to improve not only the physical balance, but emotional and mental balance as well. Iron Man notices that as he focuses on a stable point and concentrates on his breath the posture becomes steadier and his mind quiets. Iron Man should also be careful not to overextend his raised knee, perhaps by using a strap if he cannot comfortably reach his toe – after all, asana means a steady, comfortable, pose. Here Tony also demonstrates the flexibility of the Mark 6 Suit.

. . .

Goddess Pose Deviasana (AKA: Fierce Angle Pose or Utkata Konasana)

Iron Man taps into the strength of the divine feminine in Goddess pose, which opens the hips and chest,strengthens the legs, and energizes the body and mind. Because Goddess pose is so open, it can be challenging, but rewarding, for those struggling with fear and anxiety. Iron Man makes sure he practices Goddess pose before every dangerous encounter.

. . .

Tree Pose Vrksasana

Iron Man is practicing an advanced modification of Tree Pose with the raised leg in Half Lotus Pose or Ardha Padmasana. The hip and knee must be open and flexible for this variation – do not practice if you have knee pain! Iron Man would gain all the same benefits from traditional tree pose.

. . .

King Dancer Natarajasana

Iron Man is practicing a modification of King Dancer in which he holds the raised leg with both hands rather than raising the opposite arm from the bent leg alongside his ear. This modification increases the stretch in the raised leg’s quadriceps and opens the heart. In Tony Stark's case, it keeps those bits of shrapnel near his heart at bay.

. . .

Warrior III Virabhadrasana III

Iron Man is in the full expression of Warrior III, improving strength and balance while toning his core. Modifications include keeping the standing knee slightly bent and extending the arms out in a T or alongside the body, which helps with balance. Iron Man is working towards bringing his torso and leg into one straight line parallel to the floor. Good for maintaining posture while flying, as well.

. . .

Bow Pose Dhanurasana

Iron Man is practicing Bow Pose, which opens the front of the body, stretching the quadriceps, psoas muscles, chest, and shoulders while increasing flexibility in the back. This pose is excellent for aiding digestion and opening the heart. Iron Man can work towards lifting his head and chest and balancing more on the abdomen at the naval center rather than the chest. Coming into the full expression of any pose takes time and Iron Man is gaining benefits just by practicing the pose with mindfulness and compassion towards his current limitations.

. . .

Wheel Pose Urdhva Dhanurasana

Iron Man is attempting to come into Wheel pose; however his axilla (or armpit) muscles seem to be too tight to come into the full expression of the pose. Iron Man risks serious injury by not practicing with his palms flat on the floor. If he wishes to practice Wheel, he could place blocks under his hands or practice Camel pose and Bridge pose until he is flexible enough for Wheel.

. . .

Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend Upavistha Konasana

Although Iron Man has come into the full expression of the Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend, he can continue to extend into the posture and keep his energy from being stagnant by lengthening his spine with each inhale and relaxing all his muscles with each exhale.

. . .

Pigeon Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

Here Iron Man is practicing an advanced modification of pigeon pose which stretches the quadriceps even more deeply. Notice that Iron Man’s right hip does not come all the way to the floor. To ensure his hips stay level he might want to include a rolled blanket under his right buttock.

Obi-Wan and Darth wait patiently for their Zumba class to begin.

. . .

Tripod Headstand in Lotus Pose Sirsasana II with Padmasana

Iron Man is practicing an advanced variation of headstand. Sometimes practitioners find tripod headstand more stable than the standard headstand, especially if there is tightness in the shoulders due to over-developed musculature, which for Tony is certainly the case. Iron Man is working towards adding the advanced variation of folding his legs into Lotus Pose.

. . .

Deep Relaxation Yoga Nidra

The transition from the physical practice of yoga (hatha) to meditation is marked by a period of deep relaxation during which the physical body totally releases while the mind remains alert but calm. To come into this practice Iron Man assumes Corpse Pose or savasana (which can also be used to rest at any time during the hatha yoga practice) by lying flat on his back with his arms and legs relaxed and spread about mat-width apart. Iron Man slowly scans his body, exhaling to release any tension and inhaling in fresh prana or life-force energy.

. . .

Lotus Pose Padmasana Meditation

The object of all physical yoga postures is to prepare the body to be able to sit quietly and comfortably for meditation. Note that Iron Man’s hips are open enough to allow his knees to come comfortably to the floor in padmasana. However, the position of the legs is unimportant provided it enables a comfortable and easeful posture.

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