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Book description
Legendary creator Matt Wagner (Mage, Grendel, Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman: Trinity) and rising star artist Amy Reeder, present Vertigos newest ongoing fantasy epic Madame Xanadu.Centuries long and around the far reaches of the globe, her tale winds before the ageless fortuneteller, whose powers of sight can change the course of human events.As the mysterious past of Madam Xanadu is slowly unraveled, Wagner takes us on a journey throughout her history, from a medieval kingdom beset by foul sorcery to the court of Kublai Khan. Eventually Madam Xanadu returns to Europe as mystic advisor to Marie Antoinette, and as political tensions begin to boil, the Phantom Stranger makes his return. This time he seeks to kick-start the revolution and ensures that Pariss streets run red - a blood sacrifice that will keep certain demonic forces at bay.Readers will also be happy to discover that the fan-favorite character Death from THE SANDMAN makes a special appearances Madam Xanadu wagers her immortality in a game of chance against.Collecting: Madame Xanadu 1-10
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