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It is always the worry that when I pick up a graphic novel of an established story I will form an unfair or unrealistic opinion about it. Now I did enjoy this book and no I have not read the novel (I have the trilogy ready to go) but I do know a little about the storyline (helps when you have a friend who rates this as one of their all time greatest books) but I do get the feeling that a lot of the world and the events that happened prior to the story are filled in or at least fleshed out in the novel. This graphic novel though a good read did skip over a lot of the smaller details that made this world what it is. Hints of a world changing cataclysm, possibly celestial bodies crashing to earth and many familar items now out of place or context. There is a lot here that I feel I need to explore more about - now I know the books are there but if I didnt know about them would I feel as satisfied with this book as I do now?
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