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Book description
Josh Limes Harris is good with computers, great at fighting, terrible with people. As an accomplished hacker for Bear Claw Security, hes used to providing support from the office…and never leaving it. So when hes forced to take a bodyguard job because the client insists on hiring him, hes one grumpy bear. Especially when the client mistakes him for one of the bad guys and attacks him. Limes is ready to walk away, until he realizes the sweet brunette with killer curves that just swung at him might just be his mate. When Jamie insisted on hiring the tech guy at bear security, she was hoping to work with someone quiet and nerdy and unassuming, unlike the other big, bad bears there. Instead, the tech guy turns out to be the most intimidating of all, a giant bear shifter with tattoos, bulging muscles, piercing green eyes and a permanent scowl. He’s determined to stay and protect her, and with the forces on her tail, Jamie doesn’t have much choice. Even if men like Limes, tall and hot and intimidating, always make her want to run and hide. But the longer theyre together, the more Jamies fear is turning to attraction for her sexy, strong protector. And Limes feels that Jamie brings out sides of him he didnt know existed. Hes truly falling for the gorgeous girl hes guarding. Now he just has to keep her safe long enough for them to have a happily ever after.
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