Hi, please tell me where A G-Mans Life: The FBI, Being Deep Throat, And the Struggle for Honor in Washington by Mark Felt german online english format offline

Book description
Mark Felts role in history was secured when he decided to share his views on the Watergate break-in with a young reporter on the Washington Post named Bob Woodward. He made sure that the greatest political scandal in the twentieth century, which would besmirch an entire administration and bring down a presidency, was revealed in an unchallengeable way. This absorbing account of Felts FBI career, from the end of the great American crime wave through World War II, the culture wars of the 1960s, and his conviction for his role in penetrating the Weather Underground, provides a rich historical and personal context to the Deep Throat chapter of his life. It also provides Felts personal recollections of the Watergate scandal, which he wrote in 1982 and kept secret, in which he explains how he came to feel that the FBI needed a Lone Ranger to protection it from White House corruption. Much more than a Watergate procedural, A G-Mans Life is about life as a spy, the culture of the FBI, and the internal political struggles of mid-20th century America. Only as he neared the end of his life did Felt confide his role in our national history to members of his family, who then shared it with their lawyer, John OConnor. The answers to the questions Who is Mark Felt? And why did he risk so much for his country? are brilliantly answered in A G-Mans Life.
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