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For countless generations virgin coconut oil has been used throughout the world as a nourishing food and a healing medicine. Its therapeutic use is described in ancient medical texts from India, Egypt, and China. Among the Pacific Islanders coconut is regarded as a sacred food. The oil is highly revered for its healing properties and forms the basis for nearly all of their traditional cures and therapies. Modern medical science is now unlocking the secrets to virgin coconut oils miraculous healing powers. Coconut oil in one form or another is currently being used in medicines, baby formulas, sports and fitness products, hospital feeding formulas, and even as a weight loss aid. Many doctors and nutritionists consider it to be the healthiest of all oils. In this book, you will discover how people are successfully using virgin coconut oil to prevent and treat high cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Candida, herpes, allergies, psoriasis, influenza, diabetes, and much more.
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