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When Sarah Channings fiancé hardens his heart toward a needy child named Mairi, the New York Socialite puts her wedding on hold to locate the childs only relatives, hidden deep in the Appalachians. Arriving at Sawback Mountain, Sarah meets Wyn, Mairis handsome older cousin, and finds herself wishing for something she doesnt have: a glimmer of beauty. Wyn had his fill of beautiful city-bred women during his time in Washington, DC, as a senators aide. Yet hes impressed by Sarah, working hard to gain the love and respect of the mountain folks. But Sarah is making mistake after mistake as she tries to use her money and influence to improve the lives of the children. Perhaps the proud mountain folk are right: a cultured socialite, even one without beauty, has no place on their mountain or in the heart of a mountain man whos vowed to never again leave the life he loves. REVIEWS: The mountain community... comes alive under Trana Mae Simmons artful pen. Her romance charms. ~Gerry Benninger, Romantic Times ...a refreshing, fun-to-read American historical romance. This reviewer will gladly waltz to more tales by Ms. Simmons. ~Harriet Klausner THE HOMESPUN HEARTS SERIES, in order Tennessee Waltz Town Social Winter Dreams MEET TRANA MAE SIMMONS Trana Mae Simmons lives in East Texas with her family and pets in a haunted house. When not writing romance, she loves to travel, exploring off-the-beaten paths. And when a ghost happens by, it delights her immensely. Learn more about Trana at
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