NEW My Handmade Wedding: A crafters guide to making your big day perfect by Marrianne Mercer epub online

Book description
Ideal for creative, budget-savvy brides and grooms to be, this practical, friendly guide will help couples plan and personalize their big day. It begins with a chapter on organization: assessing your needs and your budget, selecting a theme and a style and working out what to do when. It then covers every element you might want to consider making, buying or renting, providing money-saving tips throughout. The book is packed with over 20 tried-and-tested projects, from a range of stationery designs, candle favors, wedding cakes, ring pillows and veils, to lanterns, bunting and paper flowers. The book is full of beautiful wedding photographs, which show the reader exactly how the projects work in a real wedding setting. Readers might want to recreate the author Marrianne’s wedding exactly, or simply pick and choose elements they love to personalize their big day.
My Handmade Wedding: A crafters guide to making your big day perfect by Marrianne Mercer windows without signing epub book view

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