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Fifteen one-of-a-kind quilt projects direct from the front cover of Quilters News-letter Magazine, including never-before-patterned designs, are collected in this book celebrating this popular quilting publication. Quilters are invited to read all about the magazine and the growth of the quilting community over the past 35 years-including important events that have occurred in the quilting world-and enjoy a gallery of gorgeous quilts selected from 35 years of Quilters Newsletter Magazine covers. Projects for both traditional and contemporary tastes are included for confident beginners through advanced quilters. Mary Leman Austin has been involved with Quilters Newsletter Magazine since its inception. She is the daughter of the magazines founders and currently serves as the magazines executive director. She lives in Colorado. Quilters Newsletter Magazine was established in 1969 and today is a favorite among quilters everywhere.
From the Cover: 15 Memorable Projects for Quilt Lovers by Mary Leman Austin online read value how read torrent

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