Question: please tell me where Rails-to-Trails New York: The Official Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Guidebook by Craig P. Della Penna online view shop prewiew italian

Book description
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is the only national organization devoted to converting abandoned railroad lines into multi-use trails -- ideal for recreation, transportation, historic preservation, and open-space conservation.Published in cooperation with RTC, this comprehensive New York State guide highlights the top trails -- those that are most popular, provide the greatest recreational opportunities, or are otherwise of special interest -- with mile-by-mile descriptions, historical information, detailed narratives, maps, photographs, and sidebars.In addition to these top trails, all of the other rail-trails in the state are described with summary information on length, location, recreational activities, wildlife viewing, and wheelchair access.This guide features 49 multi-use rail-trails for outdoor sports enthusiasts.
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