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One of the last great composers in the Austro-Germanic tradition, Gustav Mahler (1860–1911) created nine symphonies (the now-legendary Symphony No. 10 was left unfinished) that explored far-reaching, innovative, and visionary approaches to melody, tonal organization, and formal structure. Outstanding among these is the work that obsessed Mahler for seven years — the imposing Symphony No. 2 (Resurrection), scored for soprano solo, alto, solo, full chorus, and a vastly expanded orchestra.Plagued by incessant visions of his own death, Mahler composed a tone poem Totenfeirer (Funeral Rite) that was to become the foundation and first movement of Symphony No. 2, posing the great question, To what purpose have you lived? Mahler described the middle movements as post-funeral memories, nostalgic daydreams, and a harsh awakening to the meaningless realities of real life, answered finally by the angelic folk poem Primal Light, the terror of the Last Judgment, and the salvation of resurrections: With wings that I wont … I shall mount to the light … I shall die, so as to live! — an intimation of immortality through the monument of his works.This profound work is presented here in full score with original instrumentation, bar-numbered movements, and with ample margins at the bottom of each score page for notes and analysis. Ideal for study in the classroom, at home, or in the concert hall, this affordable, high-quality, conveniently sized volume will be the edition of choice for music students and music lovers alike.
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