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This is good - top marks for the brilliant description of Purple Table in the primary school he observed. Many of the classes I teach seem to be almost entirely shades of purple... I would recommend it, although I have to say the tone gets a bit too much at times. DFW has nothing on TB when it comes to unnecessary footnotes, and I dont think most aspiring teachers need quite so many reminders about not trying to adopt a street persona or suddenly start addressing the kids in patois, or whatever. A few nits to pick... Once you have completed Initial Teacher training, then youre free to get a job in a state school, where youll proceed from being a Beginning Teacher (i.e. a complete rookie) to your induction year; three terms (one academic year) where the goal will be to achieve Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) status...Nope. You are an NQT at the start of that year. Passing your induction means an end to NQT status.He suggests that the SEN register will list children learning English as an additional language. Only those who have a special need separate to their language status - Ofsted would crucify you for putting pupils on the SEN register just because they arent native English speakers.He also says that during your induction you should expect weekly meetings with your mentor. Actually, youre supposed to have half-termly meetings (try asking for weekly ones if you want the other staff to have a good laugh at your expense).Finally, he states, If the worst happens and you fail the induction year, you can still try again in another school. To quote the TDA, An NQT has one chance only to complete induction. An NQT who has failed to meet the core standards in completing the induction period is not permitted to repeat induction. I hope no one reads this book and is under the happy illusion that they will get a second chance, because they wont.
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