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Big letdown. This series went out with a whimper. I was all in on this series until we came to the final installment, Volume 8. Based on what was written in the previous books, the ending makes no sense. **Spoiler Alert!**1. Maven only took the memories of her friends from Isabella so why is it that she cant remember anything about herself regarding that summer? Isabella should still have known that she was a hybrid vampire as well as what she has learned about her powers.2. Another incident that could not/should not have happened is Isabellas mother being saved. Isabella is the only one with the power to transform her mother. A fact that was mentioned quite a few times after she made her children. The mother is a witch and a slayer. The father (though old, was a regular vampire) would not have been able to save Isabellas mother.3. Also, while all of this is going on, where does Isabellas step-father think his wife is? She goes to bring the girl home, probably the next day, and instead they are gone for the whole summer and then some. No one from home is concerned?There is so much more wrong with the ending I could write about it all day. I was so disappointed because the rest of the series was really good. It didnt get the ending it deserved.
The Dark Love Vampire Series: Book 2 by Ella Price (Goodreads Author) no registration doc spanish store book

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