Kukoo launches temporary inbox

MakE sure email no longer interrupts your entire day

Hi! We're proud to announce the first version of our email productivity tool called Kukoo at http://kukoo.com.
At Kukoo, we absolutely love email. Yet we acknowledge that over the past 40 years a few things have gone wrong. The sender has gained too much control (expecting an answer within minutes) and at the same time - as a receiver - we've grown addicted to checking email every few minutes (scientists refer to that as operant conditioning).

Today, email interrupts our entire day and Kukoo wants to stop that. We're doing so by offering a temporary inbox for email you don’t need to read immediately. We queue those messages and deliver them to your existing email address a few times a day (you decide how often).
Use your Kukoo inbox for newsletters, social media notification emails or any other email you don't need/want to read immediately (if you want all your mail to be queued by Kukoo, you can do that too).
You're free to either use your username@kukoo.com or create an email alias using an existing domain name.
Try it out for free at http://kukoo.com
Built by Tom Claus, Mattias Geniar and Tijs Vrolix.