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Book description
As a child of the 80s I sometimes yearn for an era free from Aliens in Underpants or rough Gruffalos. An era of Alan and Janet Ahlberg telling gentle stories that had an old fashioned feel, but were still great for the modern kid. Thankfully, I am not the only person out there that craves this as some books are still being produced that describe the simple pleasures such as riding the bus. However, I think that these kids have obviously never tried to catch the Number 9 at rush hour.‘The Bus is For Us!’ is a simple sharing story for adults to read with their 2-6 year old child. Michael Rosen’s words describe various different ways to get around from the functional to the fantastical – why get the car when you can use a hand glider? As you would expect from Rosen the rhymes are simple, yet pleasurable. Many forms of transport are explored, but we always come to the same conclusion – the bus is for us! There is a certain pleasure to be had by reading simple rhymes to toddlers. ‘Bus’ is a perfect way of introducing different forms of transport, but also it repeats in a manner that will have a child helping you read the book. To complement the words are some wonderful illustrations from Gillian Tyler (no relation). Here the book harks back to a 80s feel more than ever, with a soft palette that sings of Janet Ahlberg and other illustrators of the era. Tyler makes the drawings her own by filling each page with colour and interesting things to look at. The fact that she is able to come up with several different ways to show off a bus is impressive enough. A small misgiving is some of the faces on show – they look human at times, munchkin at others.The book itself is the standard 32 page hardback and comes on quality paper that will last a long time. This will be important because, if the book goes down as well in your household as it did mine; it will be read many times. The fun imagery and repetitive rhymes means that the book is fun to follow by any age group. You may have to start looking forward to hearing those important words as you wait at the bus stop, “The Bus is For Us!” Original review on thebookbag.co.uk
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