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Book description
Once again, Luís Miguel Duarte does not fail with his witty mind and great sense of humour, delivering a very, very readable and sharp book on the conquest of the Merinid town of Ceuta (nowadays a Spanish city in Moroccan shores) in 14th August 1415. Amazingly (especially for a Portuguese author!), this work manages to be useful for both laymen and actual scholars of the period, revealing the craft of a historian to the uniniated while telling his tale, bringing in also some great new contributions to Portuguese scholarship on this topic, such as bringing a Muslim perspective to the events of that day and analysing from that perspective reasons for the Portuguese military walk on that day (such as the high number of doors in the walls to defend, the scarcity of defenders and the lack of Merinid reinforcements) as well as detahing his narrative from Zuraras Crónica da Tomada de Ceuta. Five full stars.
Ceuta, 1415: seiscentos anos depois by Luís Miguel Duarte italian online reading library download

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