Want to look young

Change your diet habits

Patterns of healthful eating and regular physical activity should begin in childhood and continue throughout adulthood. Diet and exercise plays a major role on the impact on our health and on our life span. Calorie restriction and exercise slows down the destruction of body cells. As in our body several chemical metabolic process produces free radicals. These free radicals can be neutralized by antioxidant, rich in colorful fruits and vegetables, like leafy greens, tomatoes, blueberries, and carrots.
It can really be helpful in combating with these free radicals and thus stopping
the damage and inflammation of the cells. With aging, muscle mass also begins
to decline, further the drop in metabolism adds kilos on the body very easily.
This added weight increases the health risk. To boost muscle mass foods rich in
proteins like lean meat, beans and lentils can be included in the diet.
Plant-based proteins alternate to red meat are more heart friendly, thus
reducing the risk of heart disease as well as diabetes.
Along with this, protein-rich dairy products can also be included as they provide minerals like calcium and phosphorous. Calcium along with enough protein helps to built bones. Fat-free milk, yogurt and low fat cheese will be helpful in preventing the osteoporosis. A daily diet should include whole grains like wheat, brown rice, oats and quinoa. As they are fibre rich, it will keep the appetite in control and hence helps in staying slim. It also offers protection against diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, colon cancer, high blood pressure and gum disease
Moreover, they are packed with array of vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals that work together to promote health. Consumption of Omega- 3 fatty acids from plant source like walnuts and flaxseeds as well as fatty fish like salmon and tuna is beneficial as they have the most potent anti-inflammatory effects. Exercise is an anti-aging bonanza as it maintains muscle mass, boosts metabolism and keeps heart and lungs healthy.