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This is the first book Ive read by this author.I would regard this as an excellent introduction to the subject of life after death.Van Praagh, who is an extremely gifted medium, is an intelligent and cultured man and an eloquent writer. It was a pleasure to read a book couched in such graceful language (for a change, I am tempted to say).In the preliminary chapters van Praagh goes into detail about such matters as the universal mind, the aura, including its colours, the etheric,astral and mental bodies and the processes involved in the various types of death.Later in the book we are presented with various moving stories taken from his innumerable client consultations, the basic themes addressed being expectations, guilt, fear, forgiveness and love. This section of the book in particular is thoroughly readable.In the final section the author gives us various useful exercises for grounding, protection and bringing out your light, He concludes by providing us with spiritual guidelines by which to successfully bring uo our children in these challenging times.The book is filled with insightful quotations taken from the works of famous writers together with valuable spiritual precepts, such as: Remember God always says yes; we say no.I would particularly recommend this book to those new to the subject.
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