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In his first novel, the Coretta Scott King Author Honor winner evokes the bittersweet summer of transition for an L.A. teen.Shooting the breeze with his boys. Tightening his D on the court. Doing a color check — making sure nobodys wearing blue or red, which some Crip or Piru carrying a cut-down golf club would see as disrespect. Then back to Aunties, hoping she isnt passed out from whiskey at the end of the day. Now that Shawn is headed for high school, he wonders if hed be better off at the school in Mamas neighborhood, where hed be free of Comptons hassles. But then he wouldnt be with his fellas — cracking jokes, covering each others backs — or the fine Marisol, whos been making star appearances in his dreams. Dad says he needs to make his own decision, but what does Shawn want, freedom or friendship? With teasing, spot-on dialogue and an eye to the realities of inner-city life, CHAMELEON takes on the shifting moods of a teenager coming of age.
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