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Theres more to baseball than the Yankees and the Braves, and theres more to this collection of essays than just baseball. Theres community, theres family, theres heart. In Smells Like Team Spirit, Holly Morris describes how her womens softball team, the Smellies, manage to perfect the fine art of hooha. Then theres beautiful old Sicks Stadium in Seattle - all wood and grass - now the site of a mammoth hardware store but formerly the home of the Rainiers minor league franchise and, according to Lynda Barry, repository of mixed-up memories of her father. Sherman Alexie looks back over his Little League days on the Indian reservation and recites the refrain, I hate baseball. Timothy Egan divulges the secrets of coaching girls Little League, including the use of Doppler radar to scan for rain. Larry Colton, himself an $8,000 cant miss prospect of 1964 recalls the golden - and not so golden - moments of his professional pitching debut, then profiles an $80,000 rocket-arm cant miss prospect of 1996.
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