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Sixty Second Lottery Formulas! Gail Howards Lottery Winning Systems turns a game of luck into a game of skill. It takes less than a minute to apply any one of the 12 easy-to-use 60-second formulas in this book. Choose more than six lotto numbers and place them in the corresponding lettered boxes and your numbers are magically (mathematically) combined into the correct combinations to give a specific win guarantee. As with all of Gail Howards wheeling systems, there is no easier way to combine your lotto numbers. So simple a child can do it. Fast and easy to use as A-B-C! Included is a secret weapon that won six jackpots worth a combined total of $20 million dollars...also a scientific system that won a $9.48 million dollar California Lotto jackpot. These systems can be used for any pick-6 lotto game in the world. --Smart Luck Publishers
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