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Book description
The guide described by The New York Times as indispensable, revised and updated for 2006, fills a vital niche for expatriates and Cairenes alike who need a helping hand to organize-and enjoy- the challenges of a sojourn in Cairo. The basics of daily life-finding a flat, transporting personal goods, investigating school options for children, navigating Egypts famous bureaucracy, and the intricacies of feeding and clothing oneself and ones family from the local market-are all detailed here. Advice gathered from a wide range of Cairo insiders, both native and foreign, gives the reader a cornucopia of current facts on prices, neighborhoods, product availability, work and business opportunities, and the dizzying range of cultural and leisure pursuits that Cairo is famous for.The format of this edition addresses the needs of independently minded tourists as well as residents by the inclusion of: an A to Z directory of goods, services, and interests subdivided by neighborhood; a language section on the basics of Cairene Arabic; and details on shopping and sightseeing from a residents perspective. Cairo: The Practical Guide, now in its fifteenth edition, is the key to deciphering the complexities of living, working, and enjoying life in one of the worlds most exciting and dauntingly complex mega-cities.
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