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While delivering meds in Hecate Woods, Wyoming, Anabeth Gray finds her favorite author and friend, Sam Ollson, on his kitchen floor. Naturally, she calls 911. Sams daughter promptly ships her dad to Laramie for his recuperation and asks Anabeth to pack up his house, clear indication she means for the move to be permanent. Anabeth agrees, but only because she loves Sam, who writes books featuring witches, werewolves, and ghosts. As she lovingly places Sams belongings in boxes, Anabeth begins to suspect that he just might be writing nonfiction instead of fiction. Her suspicions become reality when Logan Dalton, a friend of Sams, suddenly shows up. Way more than just another hottie with an attitude, Logan needs help of a supernatural nature, and with Sam out of the picture, Anabeth is the only person he can turn to.
Wraith Wolf (Wolf of My Heart novella) by Linda Palmer (Goodreads Author) find bookstore eReader free price

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