A step by step guide

Creating a poster
on Checkthis for Desktop

When you create a poster on checkthis, we want your experience to be easy and fun. We've worked hard to make our interface as intuitive and simple as possible and we've put together this step by step guide, which will walk you through the process of creating a poster that you'll be proud to share. Exactly like we did with this poster.


Step 1: checkthis.com

Launch your browser, go to checkthis.com, and click the green "New Post" button in the top right corner of your screen.


Step 2: Add text

Start by clicking on "Poster Title" and giving your poster a name like this:
This is a text box. You can add as many text boxes as desired and edit them at any time. You can also add as many titles or subtitles as you wish to break up sections of the page.
Make text bold.
Italicize your text.
Or apply a strikethrough.

You can also include a link to your favorite site (or as many sites as you wish).

Want to make a bulleted list? No problem.
  • Simply choose the list option.
  • It makes a nice, orderly list like this.
  • See how easy that was?


Step 3: Add a Variety of Rich Content

Click on the green "+" button at the bottom of your poster any time you wish to add more content. Pro tip: To add new content between two existing blocks, just hover between those two blocks and click the "Add content here" button that appears.
Add titles, subtitles, and text boxes.

Add photos by importing them from your computer, from your camera, or by copying/pasting any URL for an image hosted elsewhere (i.e.Instagram, Flickr, etc.)

Embed a video from a video hosting service like Youtube or Vimeo. [Note: Currently, videos cannot be uploaded directly from your computer, so you'll need to upload it onto a service before adding it to your poster.]

More (Other Content)
  • Google Maps: Paste the URL from Google Maps to share locations.
  • Audio: Embed audio hosted on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc.
  • Tweets: Embed a tweet by pasting the specific URL
  • Weblink: Add a link to any website and checkthis will automatically make a screenshot and import the title and description of the link.
  • Payment: Embed the PayPal app to sell an item. You don't need a PayPal account to use this app. If your item is bought, you will receive an email from PayPal instructing you how to get the money.
  • Polls: Embed a poll to ask your visitors something, exactly like the poll we have created below (Try it by voting).

So far, is this guide useful?


Step 4: Change the Layout

When you hover your cursor over a block, a menu appears that allows you to:
  • Add a link to a block of content (available on titles, subtitles, and images).
  • Edit the content of the block to replace an image or a video, for example.
  • Delete the block of content.
  • Move the block of content on the page by dragging and dropping.


Step 5: Make Your Poster Beautiful

Change the Style
On the top right, you'll notice the Style icon (Aa). There, you can access the 12 themes with various typefaces and color schemes. You can also choose a typeface and decide on your own color scheme by changing the colors of titles, subtitles, text, content block backgrounds, and the background of your poster.
Change the Background
On the top right, next to the Style icon, there is a Background icon. Clicking this allows you to upload an image to serve as the background for your poster. The background can be tiled, fixed, centered, and more.


Step 6: Adjust the Settings

Vanity URL
Each poster has a unique URL that you can share (i.e. checkthis.com/1234). However, if you want a URL that's easier to remember, you can choose your own (i.e. checkthis.com/my-poster) by typing it into the "Vanity URL" field. [Note: Only letters, numbers, underscores, and dashes are allowed. Spaces and special characters will be removed.]
Change the title of your poster title if desired. This is the title that will be displayed when your poster appears in search results via Google or when your poster is shared on Facebook, for example.

Choose to make your poster "public" or "hidden". If hidden, you poster's content will not be indexed by or visible in search engines, nor will it be visible on your Checkthis profile or anywhere else on Checkthis. The sharing tools are disabled, however, be careful who you share the link with—others can still share the link via social networks or by email.

Choose to publish your poster forever or decide to make it expire after a week or a month. Once expired, the poster will only be visible to you in your profile. You will then have the option to republish or delete it.


Step 7: Preview Your Poster

Your poster will look exactly the same once published as it does when you are editing it, however, for peace of mind, you can click the "Preview" button to make sure everything is in order prior to publishing.

Or, if you want to save and work on your poster later, clicking the preview button will allow you to create an account and save your poster to your profile.


Step 8: Publish and Share

Publishing and Registration
When you're happy with your poster, simply click the green "Publish" button to make it live.
[Note: You can publish without an account by clicking the "No Edit" button, which means you will not have access to edit your poster. We encourage users to create an account so they can edit at any time and manage all their posters.]

To register, you'll need a Facebook, Twitter, or Google account. There's no need to enter a password and it's fast, safe, and secure—we'll never share anything on your Facebook, Twitter, or Google without asking for your permission. An email address is required to send you notifications of what's happening with your posters (i.e. new comments, traffic, and so on), but you can turn these notifications off whenever you want.


When you're ready, start sharing your poster with whoever you want, wherever you want. You can use our sharing tools, which allow you to post on Facebook and Twitter, and you can share anywhere else by copying and pasting the poster's URL (i.e. in an email, instant message, forums, etc.)


Step 9: Interact with Your Visitors

Once published, each poster has a real-time community that appears in the sidebar to the right of your content.
When people visit and interact with your poster, it shows up instantly, without the need to reload your browser. The timeline shows all interactions including views, comments, likes, votes on a poll, mentions on Twitter, or when your poster get massive traffic.


Step 10: Have Fun? Do It Again!

We're pretty sure that once you create a poster on checkthis, you're going to want to do it again. Have fun making and sharing more posters and in the meantime, please leave us feedback in the comments (in the sidebar on the right) if there is anything we can do to better explain the process.