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Oh, Anakin. Anakin is faced with a desire to protect his friends and the belief that he is more qualified to defend them than they are to defend themselves. Trouble is, this isnt always true, and acting on this instinct causes some problems. Anakins ego is under attack in this book, and Soara Antana is the one to do it. And she sees his problems with anger. She shows him his flaws, and he understands with his head, but he knows how much harder it is to put into practice. Unfortunately, I know he never really does. This book isnt so much of a self-contained plot as the previous books in the series. It furthers Anakins journey (which isnt exactly a good thing) and really sets off things regarding Granta Omega. Omega by his nature causes lessons about discernment to enter the book. Wolves in sheeps clothing are hard to spot and even more dangerous for that.Theres a little more about the Force here, which isnt always completely compatible with Christianity, but you expect that out of Star Wars. And honestly, Jude Watsons books do less in the way of Force lessons than the movies. But its still there.And Darra. Shes my favorite Expanded Universe character. I love her sense of humor. Shes in this book, though not enough, IMO. Im glad to see her again, though. I finally understand some of the references in The Final Showdown.
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