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For best friends Sara, Ella, and Rosamund, life thus far has been anything but a fairy tale. They have little to look forward to upon graduation from Mrs. Pearsons Academy for Girls—not even a Season in London! But, as each young lady is about to learn, Fate, for all her fickleness, is sometimes kind—and happy endings may be found in the most unexpected places...Will a cinder tending maid...For the titled but penniless Miss Ella Sanderson, leaving school means earning her keep as a ladys maid for her social-climbing aunt and her two spoiled daughters. Its a life of drudgery until the day Lady Latimers carriage breaks down in front of their cottage. Her ladyship, thinking Ella a servant, invites the girl to cook for the party shes giving for her son, the Earl of Shalford...a ball that will end with the earl choosing a wife......Become the belle of an earls ball?Gabriel Crowe, Earl of Shalford, has no choice but to comply with his fathers latest edict—to find a country-bred bride of suitable wealth and position. Gabriel has no interest in the boring, demure ladies being flung at him from every corner of town. But there is one who intrigues adventurous, spirited beauty whose quick laugh and kind manner have stolen his heart. Unfortunately, the lady runs the moment his mother enters the room. But when it comes to true love, no heart can flee—or hide—for long...
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