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I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.How many times have you opened up a newspaper, turned on the television or logged onto a website to read the news and what do you see in the headlines? Some celebrity couple are getting a divorce, having an affair, got caught with their pants down, cheated on their significant goes on and on...and its always on the top of the news. Forget that big storm brewing or Wall Street crashing...we all want to know if theyll make it..will that Oscar winning couple survive another year of marriage, will the sneaky photogs catch someone doing something nasty on the balcony of their hotel or will our favorite singer hit #1 with their newest single....without any scandal?Harmony and Reaper...the country music sweetheart and the bad boy rocker are newlyweds. As if being a young married couple isnt bad enough (especially since they had a rather whirlwind romance)...try living apart while you tour, recording albums, dealing with jealous friends and sneaky artists who want to ride to fame on your coattails, and the media fenzy always trying to cause some drama and put a hole in a solid relationship.I really felt for these two lovebirds...learning to live with (and apart from) someone you love is difficult enough, but adding the pressure of fame and politics is almost too much to handle.This follow-up to Hannah and Garretts first book is at times a sweet and romantic duet and at others quite brutal and filled with real-life problems that are universal for any new couple (famous or not). I found myself getting really caught up in their relationship and even when things happened that made my belly turn upside down (because I just knew it might be the end of them) I never lost hope. Another really well written relationship and family oriented look into the world of celebrities and what makes them work or not work as they deal with too many outside pressures. Just enough romance and erotic moments to appeal to the readers of that genre but full of a wonderful music industry behind-the-scenes storyline as well.***** 5 ***** music and love will always make the world go round stars
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