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Ever since 1962, the year after the Washington Senators became the Minnesota Twins, Herb Carneal has announced their games on the radio.In Hi Everybody!, written with sports historian Stew Thornley, Herb highlights the ups and downs of those seasons, the two World Series Championships and the bad years, too. He shows how the Twins were affected by rule changes, such as the advent of the designated hitter and free agency, and how shifts in pitching strategies have transformed the pace and spirit of baseball itself.Above all, he tells the story of the Twins, with an emphasis on key individuals---Calvin Griffiths sixth sense for hiring players, Harmon Killebrews mammoth home runs, and the dramatic debuts of Kent Hrbek and Kirby Puckett. Through the decades, as players have come and gone, Herb has distilled the essence of what makes the Twins the Twins.Besides the saga of the Twins, Herb recalls his early years as a boy crazy about baseball in Richmond, Virginia, and as a neophyte radio sportscaster in several east-coast cities. In the late 1950s he announced for the Baltimore Orioles, along with his broadcast mentor, Ernie Harwell. It was during an Orioles game that Herb predicted Ted Williamss home run in his last at-bat.Throughout his career, which included a few years of announcing for the Minnesota Vikings, Herb has worked with many colorful broadcast partners. Now he takes us behind the scenes to meet them, with their eloquent quips and verbal gaffes, and he devotes a whole chapter to the inimitable Halsey Hall.Spring training, controversial trades, pitching duels, late-inning comebacks and upsets, and tales told in the off-season---theyre all here in Herb Carneals life story and chronicle of the Minnesota Twins.
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