It's just
the beginning


I'm Frédéric, the founder of Checkthis and I've got some exciting news to share with you. Over the last few months we have been quietly working and eagerly anticipating this moment. Now, the time has arrived and it's my honor to click on the "share" button and tell you about what we've made—meet the new checkthis.

A natural evolution.

Today, we're proud to introduce Social Posters, the natural evolution of self-expression on the web—the creative freedom of publishing platforms combined with the real-time interactions of social networks.
Checkthis' social posters are a free and fun way to express yourself and engage with your community. Add rich content, play with amazing typefaces, mix up the colors, and upload a background—the only limit is your imagination. You even have the ability to ask questions with polls or allow purchases via Paypal. Once you're ready, your poster can be shared across social networks, by email, or anywhere.

And that's really just where the fun begins.

With the new checkthis, each poster has a real-time community that sits right next to the content, so there's no need to scroll down to the bottom of the page. When people visit and interact with a poster, it appears in real-time without having to reload the browser. The timeline shows interactions including views, comments, likes, votes on a poll, mentions on Twitter, or when your poster get massive traffic.

It's all real-time, beautifully magic.

In addition to the timeline, there's also a new user profile and a notifications panel so you'll stay on top of everything and be alerted to new reactions—for all your posters and those you have interacted with.

Inspired by you.

There is something magical about how people have already been using Checkthis and the 70,000+ posters created are just a start. We can't imagine how the newest features will enrich your online experience.

Teachers and students are already using Checkthis in the classroom. Startups are using it to share job opportunities. A Prime Minister used it to share an overseas visit. Musicians are using it to introduce new music. Couples are sharing private messages. Creative people are sharing amazing side projects. Speakers are sharing references mentioned in talks. People are sharing their thoughts on politics and more. And I am using it to share this message with you.

We believe that these examples represent the next movement in web publishing—one where the tools to create and interact become accessible to everyone. With that in mind, we've done the hard work so that you can have the freedom to create and have fun interacting with your community, no matter your level of expertise.

Work in progress.

This is just the beginning. Our team is iterating every day and although there are problems we have yet to solve, we're excited about the journey ahead. We have made Checkthis for the love of it and are fully committed to continue building an amazing product that you will also love and use, whatever your device.

If there is anything you would like to share with me, please leave a comment on the side or email me at

You can also read more about how the new checkthis works and follow us on Twitter for more updates.

Thank you,