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He can get away with anything… Anytime, anyplace. Blake never has problems finding tricks, and he’s learned that half the fun is in doing it behind his boyfriend Todd’s back. But when Todd suggests a threesome to reignite their relationship, the opportunity to bring in one of his regulars and dupe his boyfriend right under his nose is too tantalizing to resist. Todd loves Blake, but after Blake’s cancer treatments, it seems nothing Todd does can excite him. For six months, he’s waited patiently for his boyfriend’s interest to return, but it’s clear if he doesn’t do something drastic, nothing will change. In a desperate attempt to save their relationship, he suggests a threesome. He expects it to be difficult. He expects to get jealous. What he doesn’t expect is to have the hots for their new toy…and for both of them to want Blake out of the picture. 15,000 words.
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