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What to Cook and How to Cook it: Fresh & Easy is the only cookbook you’ll need this summer.Cooking simple, tasty dishes using fresh and wholesome ingredients has never been easier. In What to Cook and How to Cook it: Fresh & Easy, established food writer and recipe editor Jane Hornby has created a mouthwatering collection of 75 easy, step‐by‐step recipes for simple dishes that make the best of fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruit, meat and fish, and shows how straightforward it can be to cook simple meals from scratch using fresh ingredients.From a simple tomato gazpacho, to grilled asparagus with poached egg, Parmesan and balsamic butter, to Vietnamese summer salad, to a spectacular mango and raspberry pavlova, every recipe is illustrated with a clear photograph showing all the ingredients, and step‐by‐step photographs clearly explain every stage of the recipe, so that anyone can follow them. Jane’s friendly, accessible style makes the recipes achievable for everyone, from complete beginners to experienced cooks looking for new inspiration for practical and delicious family meals, and there is also guidance on how to shop for and select the best seasonal ingredients.
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