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Knowing the opinion of people around you is useful! If you are trying to decide with your friends which present to buy for a birthday, wondering whether people like your new project or figuring out what percentage of people support a gun plan, you’re stuck. There is no free and powerful app to create polls on the go.

At Poutsch, we try hard to empower people and organizations with social polling. We think the app does that. So here is an introduction to what we've built with love and passion.

Less noise, more stuff you care about

You only get what you want. If you don’t follow Greenpeace or Justin, you won’t get Greenpeace’s or justin’s polls in your feed. Users are free to build their own opinion environment with the friends, colleagues and organizations they care about.

No tricks on privacy

At Poutsch, we believe opinions have more weight when they are not anonymous. However, we made sure that you keep control over your privacy settings easily. Every time you express an opinion you can decide to be anonymous.

The right mix of easy and powerful

The app lets you create public or private polls. You can choose from different types of polls (binary, multiple choices, slider, rating) and add a location to them. You can even add SoundClound tracks, tweets, videos, pics or any other relevant hyperlinks. And you can share your polls anywhere you like.

Do you "opinion" match?

You are wondering about your opinion compatibility with someone? Well, take a look at his or her profile and you will see your Opimatch score. That's cool.

Have a question for the world?

We’ve made it easy and powerful. Open the app and start collecting opinions on your polls instantly — Want your voice to be heard? You can participate in the polls that matter to you and start changing the world one opinion at a time.