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How do I use Now?

Simply download the app on the Apple Appstore here: That's it! No login, no registration needed. You can start exploring your city like never before.

How can i change cities?

Just click on the name of the city you are currently looking at on the top left end side of the city view. You will be proposed other cities to explore.

I can't see my city in the list.

We are working hard to add new cities to the list. Please be patient! Tell us on twitter ( what city you would like to see next!

What events will i receive through push notifications?

You will receive any cool events that are happening now around you. Cool events in Paris if you are in Paris, cool events in New York if you are in New York.. As simple as that. Please note that you will receive only special events, not all of them. It's all subjective, so we will try to build a more customized version in future releases.

I don't want to receive push notification right now.

You can toggle on and off push notifications by touching the speaker on the top right end side of the map. You will stop receiving push notifications. 

How can i share this event with friends who don't have the app?

Once you spot an event you like on the main city view, clicking on it will show you more details about that event. Just click the "share" button on the top right end side and you'll be proposed 4 options for sharing: Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS. In each of these will be included an URL that is accessible by anyone who has the internet, showing all the details needed for your friend to see what's happening as well! You can also instantly share experiences you like on your Facebook timeline by clicking the 'like' button on the main city view.

Have other questions?

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Ben, CEO of Now