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Axel didn’t know life could be a sweet mixture of loving family and passionate romance. Though rough around the edges and sporting a gruff exterior, Clint – “the cowboy –has proven to be much more than meets the eye. Wrapped in his arms, Axel is privy to a side of the cowboy that few –if any –have ever glimpsed, and he can no longer deny that he is falling in love with the man. But the fateful call that pulled Clint from his arms in the middle of the night has turned into a bad omen of broken hearts and sinister villains. As Axel struggles to rise above the crushing blow to his heart, Clint is faced with two enemies –the faceless man intent on destroying all that he loves…and his own heart that refuses to let Axel go. Warning: Although this series is a romance, it is also about Gangsters and contains strong adult content. I wont apologize for my gangsters acting like gangsters and exacting gangster justice. Though the romance in this series is beautiful, if you are looking for strictly fluff romance, you wont find it here.
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