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Book description
Elise Waterford is a struggling writer, when an article she wrote about the perils of internet dating lands on the desk of Taylor Stone, editor of the most influential magazine in Europe. Impressed with her style, he offers her a challenge she cant refuse: 6 guys, 6 weeks...can she turn around their hapless internet dating history and blog for the magazine while she does it?Confused by her deliciously dishy boss and swept off her feet by the local librarian, Elise sets out on an emotional journey with her projects, only to discover that the path to love is dark and sometimes painful. Who is the mysterious Mr X leaving love letters on her blog? Who knew that life in the city could be so complicated? Sometimes its not about whos out there, its about whos looking.Packed with humour, emotion and lots of cake, this is a book for anyone thats ever looked for love and been surprised where they found it.
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