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Book description
Ten Grand was actually the first Edge novel Id read as I purchased it, along with a handful of other Edge books, on a whim while perusing a local used bookstore. A long time fan of the Spaghetti Western film genre, as well as the amoral comic book Western bounty hunter Jonah Hex, I figured after a quick scan of the back covers of the books Id snatched up that this might well be a series Id enjoy. With the store lacking the first book in the series, The Loner (though I picked that up shortly after), I started my delving into the violent and callously cold world of Josiah “Edge” Hedges with Ten Grand. Now heres a book I have mixed feelings on and heres why. The writing wasnt bad by any means and George G. Gilman (A pseudonym used by Terry Harknett ) paints a descriptive and violent old West through his words. The series definitely lives up to its claims of being “the most violent westerns in print” or at least from my experience it is (not counting, of course, comic books). And that I was more than fine with because, and I have no shame in admitting this, Im a man that enjoys a good violent shoot em up type story. It keeps things interesting and , far too often, a lot of Western books just feel too dry and slow paced. Rest assured thats never the case with the Edge series.That being said something about Ten Grand just didnt sit quite right with me. As I mentioned above it wasnt the writing and I cant quite say what it was exactly but for whatever the reason this is one of my least favorite of the Edge novels and Ive read the majority of them. Thats not to say its a bad book by any means theres just, in my opinion, better. Be that as it may though it still holds a soft spot in my heart if for no other reason than it was my introduction to the Edge series.
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