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PURE TEMPTATIONLady Flora Bonham couldnt help but be tantalized by Adam Serres potent sensuality. It made no difference that shed only just met the exotic half-blood or that he was the scandal of polite society. Flora had never lived according to anybodys rules, and the instant she felt the heat of Adams savage passion, the only thing that mattered was that she wanted him.PURE SEDUCTIONAdam Serre couldnt help but be wary. Lady Flora was quite spectacular, with her daring beauty and delicious conversation, but the noble daughter of a famed archaeologist did not fall into the category of amorous interludes. And after just extricating himself from a vicious marriage, his interest in women was purely transitory. Until the incomparable Flora set out to seduce him with a temptation that was ... Pure Sin.
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