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Beethovens life from the inside, as a creative artist. Susan Lund has been a Beethoven researcher for 40 years. Her previous books on Beethoven include RAPTUS, a novel with introductory articles; BEETHOVEN & THE CATHOLIC BRENTANOS; and PASSION. PASSION stage-play was presented at Kings Place, London, on July 7th, 2012, to mark the 200th anniversary of Beethovens Immortal Beloved letter. Leading scholars have called her work humane, insightful, strong and beautifully written. Classical Music said RAPTUS Gets under the skin of Beethoven, Philip Weiss in the New York Times called it the flesh and blood Beethoven. Susan Lund has always written. Her first play for television appeared when she was 16, her first novel was published at 19. BEETHOVEN: Life of an Artist gives new insight into the life of Beethoven, written by a creative artist.
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