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Katy Furlow couldnt take it—not one more fight, not one more day, sharing her fathers house with a man who was not her father. It was unbearable, and so she ran away, stubbornly determined never to go home again. That was a vow she thought shed have no trouble keeping until the day Cal Beckton, a high-handed cowboy from her past, walked into the saloon where she worked and suddenly all hell broke loose.From the moment Cal saw Katy kicking up her heels and flashing her bloomers to the hoots and hollers of a crowded dancehall, Cals temper was stoked and his mind was set. By train, by stage, by any means necessary, he was going to take Katy home—where she belonged, where shed be safe, whether she wanted him to or not, even if he had to drag her there by her ear. Even if he had to put her across his knee and paddle her backside raw! Unfortunately, it all proved to be a job far easier said than accomplished, and with a woman like Katy fighting him every inch of the way, Cal wasnt sure which might wear out first: her bottom or his hand!Originally published on Discipline and Desire as ‘Run Away’, this is a 5 chapter/22,363 word historical western novella that features spanking and romance. If you are at all bothered by heroes who don’t think twice about turning their lady-loves bottom-up, then please don’t buy this book.
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