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Book description
Poignant and lyrically expressive memoir for the first 13 or 14 years of this womans (Jill Ker Conway)life was the focus of the first half of this book. That portion is entire 5 star breathless. Stark, real, sharp, luxuriant- the natural Western plains of Australia girl child world.But after the move to Sydney (off of Coorain sheep country isolation)it cuts to her latter years of schooling and family life; then every year of progressive aging becomes closer to a highly aesthetic intellectual and emotional exercise or thesis of record memoir. Interesting for sure- how she turned from emotional co-dependence with her widowed mother and a rural and rather physically wild girlhood, a scrappy but pudgy shy rural kid without any social interchange skills- to the realms of highest Academia.This last 70 pages was so much more a studied analysis of her educational path that it held none of the bright light purity of the earlier years. IMHO, this was much less interesting or revealing as her earlier figments of self-identity and familial values and sensibilities. Overall, 3.5 star, because I could not round it up due to the distance of those last 40 or 50 pages. By that age, she is almost writing about herself in the third person. But always in exquisite prose.
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