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ART HISTORY provides students with the most student-friendly, contextual, and inclusive art history survey text on the market. These hallmarks make ART HISTORY the choice for instructors who seek to actively engage their students in the study of art. This new edition of ART HISTORY is the result of a happy and productive collaboration between two scholar-teachers (Marilyn Stokstad and Michael Cothren) who share a common vision that survey courses on the history of art should be filled with as much enjoyment as erudition, and that they should foster an enthusiastic, as well as an educated, public for the visual arts. Like its predecessors, this new edition seeks to balance formal and iconographic analysis with contextual art history in order to craft interpretations that will engage a diverse student population. Throughout the text, the visual arts are treated as part of a larger world, in which geography, politics, religion, economics, philosophy, social life, and the other fine arts are related components of a vibrant and cultural landscape. Art History Portable Edition offers exactly the same content as Art History, Fourth Edition but in smaller individual booklets for maximum student portability. The combined six segment set consists of four booklets that correspond to major periods in Western art and two that cover global art. Each book is available individually, making them ideal for courses focused on individual periods.
Art History Portables Book 6: 18th -21st Century (4th Edition) by Marilyn Stokstad сhapter read shop german italian

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