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Book description
There is an Ouch in My Pouch is the story of Willaby, a baby Wallaby, who is just not where he wants to be! He has outgrown his mothers pouch and is looking for another on his way to the Blue Billabong (an ox-bow lake, for the non-Antipodeans among us.) The array of Australian wildlife he meets on the way - Mummy Possum and Mummy Wombat to name but two - do try to save Willaby from catching a chillaby, but not all of Australias Mummies are so friendly...This is a boingingly energetic book aimed at Key Stage 1 children. It is practically built to be read aloud to a class or with child participants. That it is a thoroughly Australian book should only add to the fun for ambitious class teachers with a penchant for accents; the lingo, like dingo and ripper and nipper add odd-word discussion points for the class. The text amounts to cocncrete poetry, with words leaping and twirling across the page, trailing Willaby and sneezing with Willaby, giving Willaby all niggly. This all lends itself very well to performance and drama in class; just how would a child (or a teacher for that matter!) demonstrate the throwing of a wobbly?Garry Parsons illustrations are wonderfully expressive and shot through with the peachy Oz orange of The Outback and the cutest of its native inhabitants. Of course, small children often want to hop back into their first homes where it is warm and safe, and perhaps only only children will be shocked at the cause of this Ouch in Mas pouch come the end of the story...
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