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Book description
Clearly and easily learn basic and advanced levels of energy psychology to bring about quick and powerful changes in emotions, thought and behavior, from this comprehensive book/CD training program for psychotherapists, health professionals, graduate students and anyone interested in learning the methods. Author David Feinstein led a team of 26 of the recognized pioneers and leaders in this emerging field to create a comprehensive 40-hour interactive training program for those who wish to incorporate the insights and methods of energy psychology into their practices or their lives. The CD-ROM, which won an Outstanding Contribution Award from the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, includes 17 learning modules organized in an engaging, interactive, Socratic question-and-answer format. It contains text, clear illustrations, video clips, practice sessions, tables, charts, clinical aids, client handouts, and many hyperlinks to fascinating topics. The integrated CD-ROM and companion book present all the critical skills clinicians need. While the book (ISBN 0-9725207-7-5) and CD-ROM (0-9725207-4-0) can be pursued independently, they are designed to be used in concert with one another (ISBN 0-9725207-0-8 for the book & CD package). Energy Psychology Interactive is a unique, systematic, and effective entry into energy psychology. Version 4.0 of the CD-ROM (ISBN 0-9725207-4-0) was released in August 2004 and includes over 80 pages of new how to and case material with various diagnostic categories as well as access to a dedicated web area that posts new developments and resources in energy psychology.
Energy Psychology Interactive: Rapid Interventions for Lasting Change (Book and CD-ROM, Version 4) by David Feinstein android library sale book ebay

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