NEW Learning Evidence: From the Federal Rules to the Courtroom by Deborah Jones Merritt download epub

Book description
This innovative text responds to critiques like the Carnegie Report by giving professors the materials they need to move beyond the case method in upperlevel courses. Instead of edited appellate opinions, this uncasebook gives students focused discussion of the rules, colorful examples based on real cases, excerpts of trial transcripts, and concise analyses. Students report reading the text enthusiastically; they arrive in class ready to deepen their knowledge through practice-based problems, simulations, policy discussions, and other advanced material. A comprehensive teacher?s manual and instructors website provide sets of these hands on materials for every class. A student-centered website allows students to test their understanding of each chapter. Learning Evidence teaches the Federal Rules of Evidence and introduces sophisticated professional analysis to the basic Evidence course. The book also provides an excellent companion for students using other Evidence texts, as well as those enrolled in clinics or trial practice courses.
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