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Book description
I was invited to read this book by one of Jeremys professors when I mentioned to her that I enjoy ethnography. I like ethnography because I am fascinated with the details of what makes a society unique and the history behind how a society develops. I like to delve into the factors that generate individuality.Other than the fact that this book was boring, it was interesting to give a little bit of insight into archaeological study, and how cultural knowledge is created literally from digging into the ground, and summarizing and synchronizing scarce records and verbal recollection. There was great respect given to this project and true ethical approach, which apparently is missing in a lot of ethnographical studies. That, and the feminine style of this author is what I think I was meant to learn appreciation for. I learned appreciation for the planning, studies and objective reports. I learned tenacity is a must for an archaeologist. I learned that it takes patience to master the skill of trying to accurately retell history when little documented information is available. I learned to leave nothing to assumption. And if I think I have it figured out that I need to acknowledge that it is merely my conclusion and that it might not be right, especially if my conclusion cant be backed by hard facts. For more info on that, search definition of post-processual archaeology.This is the authors documentation on her historical dig. It highlights the activities and accomplishments of Dakota women and shows the significance of gender in shaping history. The book includes the authors story of the Wahpeton woman and people of Little Rapids.My favorite quote:People interested in the past find the notion of traveling through time compelling.For me that couldnt be more true.
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